About James Square | James Square Syracuse
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About James Square

What Sets Us Apart


James Square is one of the leading long-term care organizations in New York State. It is the belief of James Square that those individuals entrusted to our care are human beings with needs and rights. Many of the patient/residents of our facility are geriatric. The intrinsic worth and dignity of the individual is not diminished by accumulation of years.


The quality care we provide coupled with our commitment to the happiness of our growing family is what truly distinguishes James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

Our Goal

Our aim at James Square is to provide the total care necessary to meet our clients’ physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs.


In order to meet this goal, we provide our residents with a variety of services, strive to infuse current ideas and developments to enhance the James Square experience, and assist our patients/residents in the performance of any activities that will maintain their health and well being.


Located in Syracuse, New York, we provide a wide range of nursing and rehabilitation services, as well as medical and sub-acute care to an average of 400 patients per day, helping them transition from the hospital, to the next step in their recovery.

The Right Treatment


One of the most difficult realizations most of us will ever face is that our loved ones can no longer care for themselves. There comes a time when, beyond our loving care, providing professional medical services is in their best interest. Whether for short-term rehabilitation following a hospital stay or for long-term treatment, selecting the right health care community can present unique challenges.

Treatment Options


Through the efforts of our experienced, highly-trained staff, we deliver the highest quality care and most recent advances in rehabilitation therapy to your loved ones. In addition to caring for long-term care residents, we assist residents over the age of 18 to recover from surgery, injury or serious illness. Our team of qualified professionals understands the importance of creating a comfortable & nurturing atmosphere.

Our Guiding Principle


James Square’s guiding principle is the care & well being of our residents. We recognize that you are entrusting us with the comfort & care of someone dear to you. We partner with residents & their families in order to clearly identify and understand what is required to render loving care to each resident. The relationship between staff & residents is at the heart of what makes our facility a special place.

James Square Corporate Compliance Program

James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre implemented a Corporate Compliance program in 2009 with the intent of assuring that the organization is proactively combating fraud and abuse from occurring related to the public resources it receives.


While such programs are synonymous with resolving payment discrepancies and detecting inaccurate billing practices, it also encourages staff to act ethically and responsibly in carryout their job functions.


Should you be interested in learning more about James Square’s Corporate Compliance program please contact us at: [email protected]